So, 30 Authors Walk Into This Blogger Bar and…

This week, in place of one of my usual blog posts I’m helping announce the kickoff of the second annual #30Authors event.  Ever wonder what some of your favorite authors are reading?  Sure you have.  Here is your chance to get to know some fantastic writers as well as some amazing book bloggers.  Last year’s event was a huge success and even resulted in a published anthology titled Legacy.  Allison at The Book Wheel created the event and describes it as follows:

#30Authors takes place annually during the month of September and has been met with incredible support and success in the literary community. In the six months following its inaugural event, the concept was published as an anthology (Legacy: An Anthology) and has remained active on social media. Authors who contributed in the first year include Celeste Ng (Amazon Editor’s Pick), Cynthia Bond (Oprah Book Club Pick 2.0), and Rene Denfeld (Powell’s Books Top 5 Books of the Year).

And scroll to the bottom of this page and enter to win an amazing prize pack of books – including one of mine.

So, check out this event.  Yours truly is seventh out of the 30, so you’ll want to see which book I chose to review.  Last year I reviewed the anthology FaceOff but this year I went with a more traditional novel.  Spoiler alert: It involves the death of a beloved childhood character… kind of.  But, not really.  Stay tuned to find out.

J.J. Hensley is the author of RESOLVE, which is set against the backdrop of the Pittsburgh Marathon, Measure Twice, and other works. Hensley is a former police officer and former Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service.
Twitter @JJHensleyauthor


An addict is killing Pittsburgh city officials, but Homicide Detective Jackson Channing has his own addiction.



In the Pittsburgh Marathon, more than 18,000 people will participate. 4,500 people will attempt to cover the full 26.2 miles. Over 200 of the participants will quit, realizing it just wasn’t their day. More than 100 will get injured and require medical treatment. One man is going to be murdered.  When Dr. Cyprus Keller lines up to start the race, he knows a man is going to die for one simple reason. He’s going to kill him.


Finalist – 2014 International Thriller Writers Awards – Best First Novel
Named one of the BEST BOOKS of 2013 by Suspense Magazine!
Top Ten Books of the Year – Authors on the Air

 And look for my short story FOUR DAYS FOREVER in the LEGACY anthology

Legacy cover


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    1. crimeworm

      I was taught in miles, feet, inches, pounds, ounces, though not old pounds, shilling and pence (I’m not that old!) Then it changed partway through primary school. We used the Imperial system – and older people still do. I do, from school/listening to my Dad. The Metric system was to put us in line with Europe – the old EEC, as the EU was called – I imagine to make trade easier. They’re also 24-hour clock fanatics, which irritates me – it’s just not British! So I suspect the Brits who emigrated took the Imperial system to the US, originally. 😉 People will be fascinated by this discussion lol!


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